About Us

CBD Essentials specializes in healthy skin and body care by providing products with natural high quality ingredients which may restore healthy skin cells and treat- psoriasis, acne, anti-wrinkling, anti- inflammation and eczema with antibacterial agents found in CBD.  Our products are 100% kosher and are FDA approved colorant.  We sell our products directly through wholesaling to local business' with the goal to support small business.  We provide limited sales online for purchase. However, if you would like to see our products your in your local area, please email us- cbdessentialsnj@gmail.com 
What is CBD?
CBD stands for cannabidiol which derives from the cannabis plant.  The cannabis plant has two species- marijuana and hemp.  Marijuana contains THC which allows you to experience a "high" while hemp provides CBD which can be extracted through a vigorous process. CBD provides amazing health benefits which may aid in reducing anxiety, stress, producing healthy cells to fight cancer and a plethora of other aliments.
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